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MySQL Shell 8.0

Executes code written in SQL, Python and JavaScript
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MySQL Shell is a Windows IDE that lets users develop and manage MySQL servers. It is able to run code written in SQL, Python, or Javascript while providing the tools to run database maintenance or execute queries. To start using the shell, you must first connect it to a server instance via terminal.

When you've connected, you can enjoy using its functionalities. About the interface, there's not much to say, all the command line interfaces look the same. You may call this an industry standard.

Instead, you get multiple cool features to use in your projects. MySQL Shell comes with some nice options, such as the possibility to display information about the ongoing connection, or the option to store your sessions.
The shell is able to run code from a given source, aside from the interactive console mode. This is done by executing a script located in the user's device.
Other included features are scripting via CRUD Document and Relation APIs, the use of JSON, Traditional Table or MySQL standards and X Protocols.

All in all, MySQL Shell represents a great way to manage databases and execute code, either it's SQL, Python or JavaScript. Yet, some of the functions tend to slow down the queries and the utilities are not documented.

John Saunders
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  • Stores sessions
  • Uses JSON and Traditional Table
  • Runs code scripts


  • Lacks utilities documentation
  • The functions slow down the queries
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